[WWI] Profi spandau question

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Dec 29 23:28:54 EST 2003

> Does anyone know offhand what size drill I should use to form
> Eduard 1/72 Profi spandau cooling jackets into proper cylinders?
> It will save me some trial and error down at the hardware store.
> TIA, -K-

You will have better results if you start with something largel like a round
pencil. Roll it across the PE which is laid on a piece of shirt cardboard
over a hard, flat surface. You get a slight curve. Do it again with
successively smaller mandrils. The curve gets more pronounced. They don't
have to be drill bits. As you work the curve into the piece you will be able
to smooth it evenly with your fingers on the final size mandril. What size
is that? Well about exactly the diameter of the end piece :-) The muzzle end
of the Spandau & Vickers is usually represented  in PE sets by a small round
piece, often with the sight attached. Just match that up with a drill, or
rod or tube or whatever is that size and will work. BTW, you will have
better success, (fun), if you heat the PE to red hot with a lighter and then
let it cool before trying to roll it. It is ever so much more cooperative
when treated that way. Be sure to hold it with tweezers in a second place
and heat the place where you held it when you first heated it. Gotta get it


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