[WWI] How many + rambling was SV: Spad XVI

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Sun Dec 28 22:30:09 EST 2003

> >From: "NEIL CRAWFORD" <neil.crawford at swipnet.se>
> >BTW and finally, haven't seen the annual summing up yet,
> >isn't it about time
    Let's see...in tiny scale an AH Albatros D-III, an Eindekker and a Berg
in Naval markings. That's about it for  airplanes in 1/72. I am pretty much
now only doing 1/48 airplanes since the selection is so good. This year I
did an Roland Whale, Bristol Scout, Fokker Triplane, a D-VII, Albatros D-V
and C-III. These are the ones that have survived the dreaded undercarriage
attachment disasters that seem to have destroyed more airplanes than Fonck.
I also did 2 armor vehicles: a German tank and a Polish armored car. Photos
on the way next weekend, if the sky is bright!
Mike Muth
nb: Roland Haifish in 1/48 and Albatros D-II in 1/48
nu: Probably Eduard Camel

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