[WWI] How many + rambling was SV: Spad XVI

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 28 15:24:03 EST 2003

>From: "NEIL CRAWFORD" <neil.crawford at swipnet.se>

>BTW and finally, haven't seen the annual summing up yet,
>isn't it about time? I've built two (P3* and Folkerts racer)
>sorry nothing OT, but next year will be better.
>And the rest of you?

Damn! I knew this was going to come up pretty soon.
Ok, I mananged to build a Roden 1/72 OEF 'tros, sans rigging, which Mike, 
the Muther of Invention, destroyed in Dayton.  (big :-)).
I also finished the cockpit in my (ot alert) 1/32 Christen Eagle.
I also also helped Henry the Fearless build his first two models, the 
Supermarine Seaplane Racer and the Howard Ike racer, both from the 
Testors/Frog or Hawk, whatever kits.
Of the four listed above, Helping Henry was his first kits was the most 
important, and enjoyable of them all.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I built a fully functional, 1/1 scale, 15th 
century Flemish Arbalest.
Top that, you ninnies. :-p

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