[WWI] How many + rambling was SV: Spad XVI

NEIL CRAWFORD neil.crawford at swipnet.se
Sun Dec 28 21:27:20 EST 2003

Don't worry about the turtleback Witold, it's only Matt!

Just been watching some great film of Nieuport IV and BreguetB1
from the first Swedish army maneuvres with aircraft in 1912.
There was a nice Nieuport landing and some taxying with both,
and some inflight shots, wonderful. The Nieuport was quite dark,
but it was on ortho film, I could see that on the Swedish flag,
so it means that in reality it was rather light. 
The Wright anniversary has given us some good TV programs:-)
/Neil C.
nb. P3*8 (finishing touches) 
    Sp...re  (ready for final paint)
    Spad VII ( built up, nearly ready to paint)
    Piper Cub ( 'nuff said)

nr. Early Airliners , thanks again Carlos
nl. The Cardigans (they are so good, much better than all the rest of
Swedish easy listening)  

BTW and finally, haven't seen the annual summing up yet, 
isn't it about time? I've built two (P3* and Folkerts racer)
sorry nothing OT, but next year will be better. 
And the rest of you?

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