[WWI] Printing decal on inkjets - reply to prayers?

Carlos Carreira carlos.carreira at netcabo.pt
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I think this is the producer:

I don't know it; Pedro referred it to me, but not from direct knowledge if I
remember well. I usually follow the alps and alpsdecal yahoo groups and if
it is really good it would be mentioned there.
There are rumours about a new Epson printer with non-soluble inks, but it
didn't turned up in the European or American markets yet.

But I would like to try this one. Wanna share a package?


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> Surfacing a bit from lurkerdom (job lost, job found,
> moving house, etc!) I found this review in Scale
> Aviation Modeller Int., Dec.2003 issue
> Sounds very interesting. Does anyone know anything
> about this?
> Cheers,
> Miguel, (diving to 100 fathom, chasing for boomers)
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> "Lazertran
> Now this may sound like an odd  name, but we are all
> aware of inkjet waterslide decaI paper, well this is
> probably one of the first manufacturers of same. In
> the UK this product is being stocked by
> Little-Cars.com and so we thought we would bring it to
> your attention. The pack offers elght A4-sized
> (210x297mm) sheets and the neat thing about it is that
> unlike others, this one makes the ink permanent after
> 30 minutes without the need for a sealant coat of
> varnish. On top of this the sheet is white, which is
> great if you don't have a printer that prints white
> (which most usually dont), but it can be made to go
> clear. All you do is apply an even coat of oil-based
> polyurethane varnish over the image, then allow it to
> dry before soaking it in water - result, clear backing
> film!
> Little-cars.com offer a pack for #12.00, so around
> #1.25 a sheet which is not that bad. I have seen the
> quality of the images that can be printed on this
> paper and both white and clear backgrounds obtained
> and it is impressive stuff that we can highly
> recommend to all.
> Our thanks to Little-cars.com for the review sample.
> Call them on 01234 711980 or email
> sales at little-cars.com for more information."
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