[WWI] Chessboards patched with A-H Sworl

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 26 23:16:40 EST 2003

>From: "Michael Kendix" <mkendix at hotmail.com>

>No, the sworl is fabric - there's a good picture on p.37 of the JaPo book.

Interesting pattern. And if I ever get the JaPo book, I'll be sure to turn 
to p.37 and have a looksee.
>Yes, the list is quiet.  probably everyone's sleeping off the food and 
>drink preparing for a second bout on New Year's.

Well, WAKE UP you bunch of RUMMYS! I was too ill (absessed tonsils. YUK!) to 
really enjoy the holiday 'spirits'. BUt I found an ENT who could squeeze me 
in today and he gave a me a shot of antibiotic and another of cortizone(both 
in the hip, and not the throat, praise Alah) and I'm now feeling 95% better 
and on my 2nd glass of Godiva. :-)

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