[WWI] SVA 10 question

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Fri Dec 26 22:45:40 EST 2003


My Secret Santa gift is already at the closed fuselage status.

So far so good, if we discount the usual carpet gnome attack that had me
scratching a seat, a rudder bar and an instrument panel (2 first two I could
not find in the many kit parts, the 3rd, I guess it went down the drain when
I was washing up the parts... ;-(.

Tomorrow I'll probably devote some time to puttying the fuselage assembly
(there is some need for filler on the lower seam but the top is almost
perfect) and after that it'll be lower wing time.
Now this prompts me a question:

on the kit there are 2 very tiny "stubs" on the fuselage sides that are
matched on the wings by another pair of stubs, presumably at the spar
ocations. If I but join stub againt stub there will be a gap between the
wing and the fuselage of some 2 mm. Was there any such gap in the wing
assembly of the real machine? Or did the wing go flush against the
fuselage?' The drawings I have are not clear about this.



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