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=?windows-1250?Q?Micha=B3_Molka?= molu at pme.org.pl
Fri Dec 26 11:10:59 EST 2003

well Witek was right:
this is the most friendly place in the net!

My first post was rather Xmas wishes so let me introduce myself
a little more. I'm 28 engineer ( electroaparatus )
but what's more important in here I'm modeler.
Witek already give away me with scale
yeah I'm on the smaller side :)
my intrest is quite patriotical.
any plane is nice if it have .. chessboard ;)
It is narrow in one hand but believe me, very wide in ather.
especialy in 1918-1924 period Poles used hundrets of types
of German, C.K., French, Italian, Russian and first Polish planes.
After completed my colection with spitfires ond migs I have big
arrears with wwi types. But I'm working on this.
curently on albatros D.Va /Eduard/ almost finish
D.II /Roden/ and oefag D.III /HitKit/
I hope to show some pics soon.
/BTW what's procedure simply atach it to the post or send to website?/

Ones again Thank You for warm welcoming!


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