[WWI] Christmas gifts

John Huggins john at huggins-leahey.com
Thu Dec 25 19:14:43 EST 2003

Every year we all meet people we didn't know we were going to become 
friends.  We learn many things from these friends and as modelers, we 
add to our stash. This year was different.

I have been involved with this group almost from the beginning, and 
have met some wonderful friends, learned a lot and been with some of 
you through the not so good times, the sad times and the fun times. We 
have joked with each other, been there to support others when they 
needed a kind word, and had some good times in various parts of the 
world. You are all a tremendous bunch, and just like an extended 

This year my modeling Christmas gifts were very limited, and this 
started out to be just another Christmas.  That all changed three days 
ago. This year I got the most wonderful gift of all, news about a part 
of my family that had been missing for 50+ years.  As some of you might 
know, I have been looking for any information about my natural father 
and any family information from his side.

Two days before Christmas, I got a call from my sister informing me 
that she had received a reply to an old post (2 years) on a genealogy 
site she used to visit.  She was asking about information on my father, 
and got a reply from a relative.  One e-mail led to another, a phone 
call and then, it  resulted in a phone call to a brother who is 3 years 
younger than me, that I did not know existed.  That call also added a 
sister 14 years my junior, and information about my father.  Links to 
web sites with pictures and addresses.

After 25 years of searching blind leads that resulted in nothing and 
running into brick walls, knowing nothing about my Father and that side 
of the family,  this has to be the best Christmas I have had in many 
many years.

This is indeed a joyous time of year.  May we all have a wonderful new 
year full of nothing but good times and good friends and most of all 
good family times.


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