[WWI] a lurker de-lurks from lurking

KarrArt at aol.com KarrArt at aol.com
Thu Dec 25 14:01:12 EST 2003

Howdy All!
I've been kind of away from the list for awhile- just too @%$*!* busy...but 
I've read every letter no matter how esoteric, whether it involves resin for a 
model I'll never build or models in scales I don't relate to! Anyway....
Santa was good, but no real OT loot at all! BUT- he did bring a newish book 
about Revell. Egads! What amazing box tops- better than a lot of what's peddled 
as art these days!
And no socks or underwear- I mean I wear them- I just didn't get any for 
To all on THE List, oldtimers and new folk- I hope y'all are having/had a 
great Christmas/Hanukkah/Thursday.
RK....bedazzled by the glowing flamingos on the tree
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