[WWI] Seasonal Greetings

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 25 16:59:56 EST 2003

I was in the shower this morning around 9:30AM & my wife charges in there 
(privacy is at a premium in our house) with a huge box she claimed that the 
mailman just delivered - apparently they do deliver Priority Mail on 
Christmas Day.  Several boxes-in-boxes later, and there's this tiny box and 
a cylinder-shaped package.  Inside the box is a resin Rosemont 
Caproni-Pensuti kit and rolled up in the cylinder thing is the WWI Aero 
piece on the same.

Thanks to Karen Rychlewski from whom I received this and who I presume is my 
Secret Santa: definitely brightened up my day.  Now I'm celebrating at 
11:30AM with a beer.


Ray Boorman & Mike Muth - thanks for the cards:  here's to victory at 
Portsmouth tomorrow!

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