[WWI] Winter Wonderland - (was Re: Newtonmas at 0-dark-thirty in the blasted AM!!!)

Michael Kavanaugh Mike_Kavanaugh at operamail.com
Thu Dec 25 10:28:28 EST 2003

On Thu, 25 Dec 2003 16:00:07 +0000, peter leonard <peter-l at mail.com> wrote:

  In January I should finally move house. Then there will be
> a double garage and a workshop to keep me happy for many christmases to 
> come. . . . . . After that it's down to some seriously OT Mannock 
> related modeling.

Good luck with the new workshop, Peter.  I started putting the building up
last April and, with luck, should have enough work bench, paint booth and
CO2 airbrush system installed to where I can resume modeling by new year's.
Hope I can remember how.  I have promised myself to do something for the
Mannock.  Nothing special since I've never entered a contest. . . never did
anything that warranted it.  However, I think numbers are important here; a
few of our resident listees will provide the quality, I'm sure.

The logistics of getting the model to England poses a big question in my 
I know sp constructed a special box to ship a model to Australia and StE 
have done the same with his " 'round the world" effort.  Designing and 
a container good enough may be more difficult than doing the model!  I 
hope we
will be discussing this further in the not-too-distant future or I will 
get it done.

Mike Kavanaugh

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