[WWI] Winter Wonderland - (was Re: Newtonmas at 0-dark-thirty in the blasted AM!!!)

peter leonard peter-l at mail.com
Thu Dec 25 16:00:07 EST 2003

E: "So what'd ya get?"

What I always get; The bill!! I'll buy myself something nice when the dust settles. In January I should finally move house. Then there will be a double garage and a workshop to keep me happy for many christmases to come. I don't have to take your word for the cimate round your way either. In Feb I shall be cruising the Carribean to celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss (coming dear!) After that it's down to some seriously OT Mannock related modeling. Having difficulty persuading the co-sponsors that a N29 is 14-18 kosher. I may have to hit one of them around the head with the other one.


Peter L
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