[WWI] Newtonmas at 0-dark-thirty in the blasted AM!!!

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 25 09:36:13 EST 2003

>From: "peter leonard" <peter-l at mail.com>

>Crumbs E!! This time of year it doesn't get light in these here parts 'til 
>ten minutes before it gets dark.

Yeah, but in about 4 or 5 months, the sun will set about an hour before it 
rises and your temps never go much past 75*f.

A happy sub tropical to you and yours,and everybody else's, from the frozen 
wastes of 53,30 N, 2,15 W (stand by for an avalanche of scandiwegians with 
eyes that light up in the dark ;) )

And a happy, never get used to it, especially harsh on us sub-tropicals, 
currently a bitter upper 30's to you and yours too, from the nearly frozen 
30N,90W.(The 30th Parallel! Region of anise/licorice flavored liquors)
So what'd ya get?
an old Pernod drinker

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