[WWI] Newtonmas at 0-dark-thirty in the blasted AM!!!

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 25 06:46:48 EST 2003

G'morning my fellow Listeroos,
The kids were up at 5:30am ready to open presents. And Mrs. Newton didn't do 
a damn thing to discourage them. Bloody'ell! Here it is 6:30 and the 
presents have all been unwrappped, unboxed, assembled, batteries installed, 
strings tuned, things tried on, Barbie tea poured, etc, etc, and it's STILL 
My sincerest hope and wish for all of my friends here is at least a few more 
hours sleep than I got.

But since I'm here, and I haven't seen anyone else do it yet, I guess I get 
to make the first plastic report: I'm ecstatic to announce a Special Hobby 
Lloyd C.V "AND" a Rodent D-VII in the proper, manly scale, coutesty of my 
secret scanta from down under, Benny da Elf. Also another Eduard 
Dr.I(non-profi) from Mrs. Newton.
Off to try and fondle some new plastic, and hopefully fall asleep doing it.
"Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends!"

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