[WWI] Eduard Dr.I

ibs4421 ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Wed Dec 24 14:25:39 EST 2003

   The cables to the rudder would be the only ones I would worry with as
you can see them running under the seat, the aileron cables will not be
seen.  I had thought to do this as well.  I did double the cables coming
out the top of the fuse to the wing, BUT got them twisted when I glued
them, and now they just look thick.  Just one more mistake I made that I
learned from on my tripe.  I'm looking forward to my next tripe in the
hopes of doing a better job than I did on this one.
   The two things that really got next to me in building this was the
p/e mg's and reproducing the streaky finish.  The mg's will just take
practice, the Fokker streaky finish, well, that will just take time,
practice, and finding which technique works best for me.  As it was, I
couldn't get most of the great suggestions I got from fellow
list-members to work for me, so I resorted to doing it with
watercolo(u)r pencils.  All in all, it turned out reasonable well, but I
still have some ideas o the next one to refine it.

Hoping you have the very best Newtonmas ever!


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