[WWI] Best of the Season

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Wed Dec 24 15:28:59 EST 2003


Got to get away from the computer, or else Francisca will come after me with
a knife.

Got to go downstairs and peel potatoes, turnips, carrots and the like. These
will go into a large pan with dried cod and octopus.

There: the traditional Xmas supper in Portugal.

Of course, while doing all this peeling, I'll follow on the footsteps of
good ol'Geoff and sip copious amounts of Port, soaking it every now and then
with a "fatia dourada" : bread soaked in milk, rolled on beaten egg , deep
fried and then sprinkled in sugar and cinnamon.

At supper I'll raise my glass to all of you in a sincere (but selfish, since
it's I who'll do the drinking) gesture of thankfulness for all the joy and
comraderie and generous sharing you lot of plastic and resin obsessives have
provided me for another year.

May your socks even if Xmas means nothing to you overflow with joy,
happiness and good health.


Pedro and his friend Pedor the rhymer

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Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 2:50 PM
Subject: [WWI] Best of the Season

> Just wanted to wish the Best of the Season to everyone on the list.  Merry
Christmas, and may the New Year be filled with models, p/e, decals,
aftermarket, and whatever else your hobby requires. ;-)
> Me, I'm still holding out hope for a line of 1/72nd Nieuports in 2004
> Matt Bittner

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