[WWI] Pegasus and Blue Max releases in 2004/5

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Wed Dec 24 13:13:53 EST 2003


> > Pedro (wishing he was like the Polish general and he had  a personal
> > Buzzard...what a success with the fair sex this might impair....)
> Hah! But finally he was murdered shortly after the 1926 coup d'etat...

Oooooops.... but I think I'm safe,  I don't want to be a General. I just
wanted  to be known as the guy who has a personal Buzzard, that's all :-)

> was at first accused for corruption

 (too many and not perfect planes bought
> from France, including SPADs 51 and 61,

Yup, they hung the wrong guy. This had got to be Neil Crawford's
fault....all SPAD pushing is his works....

 and the most useless Farman
> Goliath),

and this is probably Carlos or Tracy's fault. They're both known to try to
win friends and influence people over such strange flying contraptions....

arrested, then released and soon secretly murdered by "unknown"
> guys.

So, kinda of a Secret Santa Society, too....

> And he was almost innocent -

That's what Shane said when he started building 1/72nd...

> G.

Merry Xmas.



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