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KarrArt at aol.com KarrArt at aol.com
Tue Dec 23 12:17:24 EST 2003

<<Hope no one in the California contingent got shook up by the quake.

You there RK?


Yep- it was one of the strangest quakes I've ever been through. The main hit 
was about 200 miles away, and I didn't actually feel the shaking so much as 
see it.
The swimming pool went completely nuts, sloshing water out all over the 
place. In the computer/junk/work room I have a bunch of old, big models hanging 
from the ceiling and they were swinging and jerking and popping and 
snapping...pretty much cleaning themselves by shaking off the dust of a thousand years! It 
was, in that odd earthquake way, kind of fun while it lasted.
The town that got hit, Paso Robles, is a place I was never really in until 
October- just a few weeks ago, on a top secret OT mission. I was last through 
it, and not really in it in 1960!
I'm fine, the house is fine, the wife is catatonic (she hates these things).
On this same subject- Hey Dennis Ug- you out there? Fresno is over a few 
mountains from Paso Robles and I'm curious!
RK.....and the object(s) of the OT mission came through unscathed.
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