[WWI] silver dope

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Tue Dec 23 16:50:11 EST 2003


he was so taken by the 1/72 virus that he had to go off for a few days to NZ
to try to escape. I'm sure he'll be looking up the 1/48 Gollum devil in NZ
(small wonder they shot the films there) but he can't resist th call of Good
and he'll return to Oz and 1/72 again.

Now picture Shane in the foggy swamp with Gollum....holding a 1//48 semi
started caproni, droolling copiously .... hmmmmmmm.... my preccccccious.....
my precccciiiiiooooous.... 1/forrrrrty8 ..........


> Now if only we can get that old curmudgeon from down under to
> finally admit he's building only 1/72nd, and Nieuports, then I
> know world peace is not far behind.
> :-)

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