[WWI] Engine Paints....was silver dope

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My favorite recipe for rotaries is two coats of Pactra Acrylic Gunmetal(A 
nice, medium grey metalic) followed with a raw umber wash for the burnt oil 
For in-line mercs, I base my paint scheme on my pics of Dave Watt's 
engine(silver crank case, white cylinder bases, black jugs). Havven't built 
anything with a Hisso, Argus, Liberty, or Sunbeam Arab  yet, so I have no 
idea what I'd use on that. Probably something along th elines of Lances 

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>Tracy asks about metallic paints as used on engines:
>Aside from spray-on metallizers like Alclad and SNJ which I use for
>unpainted metal panels, I rely exclusively on Testors enamels - silver,
>gold, and copper.  These are mixed with artist oils to make colors like
>"steel", "aluminum", "brass", or"bronze".
>Any engine I built - and I can't remember the specifics of any of them
>- would have an underlying base coat of black or gray acryllic paint,
>and then a top coat of the home brew metallic.
>When that dries, washes of brown, black, or grays in various
>combinations provide the oily 'grunge".

Enjoy the holiday season with great tips from MSN.  

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