[WWI] Pegasus and Blue Max releases in 2004/5

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Tue Dec 23 15:20:45 EST 2003

The Buzzard was also used by the PAF.

Silver dope overall. There has been a recent Checkmasters resin kit of this
that included Portuguese decals, but I have some doubts as to the colour of
the hound insignia, that I've always thought was yellow, not red as on the

Pedro (wishing he was like the Polish general and he had  a personal
Buzzard...what a success with the fair sex this might impair....)

> That should be an attractive scheme. Do you have more precise info about
> this plane Grezgorz ?
> Eric
> Grzegorz Mazurowski a écrit:
> >As Bob wrote. And Buzzard is a fighter, so it is Martynside F.4. Was used
> >operationally in Spanish Civil War.
> >That's true that Polish general Zagorski, first commander of Polish
> >Airforces had personal Buzzard painted in red and white stripes.
> >G.
> >

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