[WWI] Xmas Card - Thanks!

CharlieSchaaf scitchrs at centurytel.net
Mon Dec 22 23:45:34 EST 2003

Strange coincidence--I just *did* drag out my Merlin DH5 out--I attached the
lower wings to the fuselage about 20 years ago, but then stopped--and
started some more work on it!

Charlie Schaaf

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Thanks, Sanjeev for the OT Christmas card!  I received
a very evocative picture of three DH5s passing over
the front lines as a trio of Mk IVs rumble toward
across the trenches. It provides inspiration for
dragging my Pegasus (or even the Merlin, which isn't a
bad kit) DH5 out of the stash.



Kenneth Hagerup

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