[WWI] Solvaset Question, was DVII blues

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Dec 22 23:17:22 EST 2003

One more trick that I don't believe has been mentioned.

I have found that how long you soak the decal affects the way solvents work.

If you slide the decal off just as soon as it will move on the paper, the
solvents don't work as well.

If you really soak the sucker, I mean as in forget it's in the water until
it floats off by itself, the solvents work better. I guess the film the
decal is printed on gets "waterlogged" for lack of a better term and this
enhances the solvent effect.

Pedro: On your D.VII, you can clean off the tip and replace the loz with a
piece that has soaked a while. You might find it more ready to accept the
solvent and conform to the compound curves of the tip.

Your mileage and brand of decal and solvent may vary etc.


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