[WWI] Solvaset Question, was DVII blues

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 22 21:00:16 EST 2003

>From: "ibs4421" <ibs4421 at onlineky.com>

>          When you were using the Solvaset on the A/G lozenge, did you
>use it full strength or did you dilute it?  Should I dilute Solvaset
>before using it on most decals?  IIRC, this is supposed to be strong

I've always used it full strength. BUt keep in mind Solv-a-set is the stuff 
you use after you've got the decal in place and need to set/snuggle it down. 
It is NOT a wetting solution to help postition decals and using it as such 
will have disasterous results. Apply the decals, get em in position, soak up 
the excess water with a paper towel, THEN use the solv-a-set. And don't 
freak if the decals wrinkle up like great aunt Eloise's 98yr old face. It's 
supposed to do that. Let it dry and all will be good.

>Who has an un-opened/un-used bottle of Solvaset and an opened bottle of
>Grand Marnier.  I will use up the Grand Marnier first though.

Doesn't that leave your decals sticky?

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