[WWI] DVII blues

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Mon Dec 22 21:15:09 EST 2003

I spent the whole day trying to apply lozenge to the tips of my Roden DVii
lowr wing.

I have had this same problem before with the othr DVII I made, but somehow
with Klear I managed to do it, even if it looks not absolutely perfect.
This time it seems it's just a *no way* exercise.
The decals do not react to Micro sol/set either...

will see tomorrow when the klear has finally set, but I don't like it. The
problem is the delicate shape of the wing tip that slopes down after the
last rib to the curved tip: one heck of a set of compound curves....

I had so much expectations for this DVII (snif...snif....)


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> I'll chime in and say the owner of our local gaming shop says
> Citadel paints are manufactured by Humbrol.  So they are actually
> Humbrol acrylics!
> -K-
> Balzer Mr Gregory P wrote:
> > I'll chime in on this thread and once again mention Citadel paints.
> > found their chainmail, mixed with a touch of their gray makes a great
> > silbergrau.  I've found other aluminum paints to have a flaky
> > Citadel goes on very smooth, without the graininess. FWIW, YMMV.....
> > Greg
> >

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