[WWI] WW1 Flight Sim Red Baron 3D

ibs4421 ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Sun Dec 21 20:03:51 EST 2003

     RBII3D was, and still is IMHO, an awesome WWI flight sim.  As I
understand it, many of the people that worked on it are the movers and
shakers behind the new sim "Knights Over Europe" which is due out this
next year.  Also, and I could very well be wrong with this, I believe
the Full Canvas Jacket patch for RB still requires a Voodoo card or
wrapper.  I have neither, so I will wait until the next sim comes out.
   As to the scrolling, there is a little device out now for flight sims
that you place on top of your monitor along with a headband containing a
sensor that enables you to see all around your environment with slight
head movements.  I don't have one yet, but plan on getting one.
   When it comes to flight sims though, it will always be a compromise
between authenticity, and something that is "playable" and fun.

(aka Werner Dollmann, I/JG52)
PS: I'll address your IL-2 concerns off-list.

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