[WWI] WW1 Flight Sim Red Baron 3D

Alec E. Adamyk aadamyk at hvc.rr.com
Sun Dec 21 16:47:11 EST 2003

You know the most frustrating thing about that sim IL2 was that I could not
take of in the Me 109, It continuously flipped over. I understand that these
were hard to take off and land because of the torque and it required a lot
of right rudder. Anyway I haven't flown that sim since I got it and I don't
believe it is even in my computer. I also didn't like the way you constantly
had to scroll down to see the instrument panel. Very unrealistic. The one I
rediscovered and love to fly is the WW1 sim" Red Baron 3D". There is a full
patch available from The Promised Land which I am going to buy with
Christmas present money I usually get from my sister in law. I have seen
screen shots on their site, they have completely upgraded it. Awesome.


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> Alec,
>      Of all the flight sims I have ever owned, IL-2 comes the closest
> IMHO, and in the opinion of a number of other licensed pilots.
> Unfortunately, they have little or not interest in developing a WWI sim.
> :(  However, their next project will focus on N. Africa and the Med. In
> part II.
> Warren

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