[WWI] Wright Flight

Alec E. Adamyk aadamyk at hvc.rr.com
Sun Dec 21 13:01:34 EST 2003

I am a pilot and can fly all the aircraft in the Flight sims. I have owned
every sim that microsoft has produced and found that all of them do not
present the aircraft realistically as compared to real flying, although the
latest 2004 version comes close but I don't believe that any of these sims
will ever capture the real thing. I flew the Wright Flyer in the latest sim
and kept it aloft for 5 minutes. This was not too realistic as compared to
the real craft. Anyway, they are fun to fly, even though not real.

Alec Adamyk

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> >From: Zulis at aol.com
> >With my Cessna woes, I am certain I would do some spectacular clockwise
> >corkscrew 'landings' with a Sopwith Camel...   :-)
> I've got some version of MS Flightsim. Not sure which one; 98 or 99 maybe.
> (I never fly it)
> It's got a Camel. It's one squireley bird. You definitely need to master
> 172 before you go off in the Camel(Or the Extra 300 for that matter). But
> the sim is really accurate in representing the way different aircraft
> handle, you should find that the bigger, heavier birds are easier to fly
> than the little ones. More systems to manage, but easier stick and rudder
> work.
> E.
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