[WWI] ot, one fellow gets back at the Nigerian scammers, OT DH.2

VMA324Vagabonds at aol.com VMA324Vagabonds at aol.com
Sun Dec 21 00:15:00 EST 2003

Anyone tired of the Nigerian scammers? You just have to check out this guys 
web site to see what he does to them, UNREAL, he actully gets them to send him 
pictures of themselves, talk about greed making people stupid! 
To bring this bck on topic, I just received a nice set of plans  for a 1/5 
scale Airco DH.2. It looks like I might have my hands full this winter if I can 
find some room to lay out my building boards. It's a bit off scale but made 
that way for better R/C flying reasons.
                                           Best regards,
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