[WWI] 1/72 A/G Decals and Aircraft Archive vol 3

Tom Plesha plesha3 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 20 16:06:27 EST 2003

Hi All-
I mentioned before that I would probably be getting
some 1/72 A/G decals included with the 1/48 A/G decals
I bought on e-bay.
A couple of people responded but in upgrading my
computers a lot of e-mails, etc. were lost.
Here's the 1/72 decals I have:
#16 Rib Tapes
#23 Gotha Loz 1917-18
#37 Four Color Loz (top)
#38 Four Color Loz (bot)and 1/2 sheet of unkwn bot loz
#45 Alternate five color loz (bot) experimental ?
I also have an extra copy of Aircraft Archive vol 3
Will sell/swap, etc.
contact me off-list.

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