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Brad Gossen bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
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Actually Dave, I believe the list works in reverse like David Letterman's Top 10.  The Albatros would be at the bottom and the Hunter at the top.  Hence my "go figure".  Not to disparage the Hunter, which is unfairly handicapped by having only one wing, no elegantly sculpted propellor and a big gaping hole up it's bum!  (In a list of blowpipes it would certainly be in my top 10.) However in company with the Fairy Fantome and the Supermarine Sp****re?  I wonder if there isn't a shortage of optometrists in the vicinity of Aeroplane Monthly's staff? 
; )

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    Top 10 Eye-catching:

    1) Albatros DV

  Very pleased that a WW1 plane made the top of the list, but surely the Pfalz D.III is a prettier aeroplane from that era...    but I am not complaining.

  Thanks for posting the lists...

  Dave Z

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