[WWI] Re: The Ugliest Plane Ever?

Michael Kavanaugh Mike_Kavanaugh at operamail.com
Sat Dec 20 16:21:14 EST 2003

On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 16:55:51 -0500, Brad Gossen <bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca> 

> Since you ask:
> Top 10 Eye-catching:

> 10) Hawker Hunter (go figure?)

Go figure? ??  Hey, it's a neat looking aircraft. While stationed in 
England in the fifties,
I saw the RAF precision flying team in Hawker Hunters doing a show.  I 
remember seeing one go
straight up rolling all the way.  I was told they called the pilot 
"Corkscrew" Phipps.

OT: Was glad to see the Etrich Taube was included; one of my favorites.

Mike Kavanaugh

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