[WWI] Wright Flight - in retard

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Ola Martin

Check P.J. Wright's message of the 18th. Subject: Wright Flight

Um abraco

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> Dear Listees
>  I was late in sending this letter,because the repairs in my house have
> disconnected me from the world...
> I want to ask you a question about the Flyer.
> Only as a demonstration they turned on the engine of the Bleriot 1909,they
> were sane enough not fly it,as
> they wanted.Well,it almost went alone,they've forgotten that,that plane
> to be stopped by breaking it
> manually,in front of the river it was going to fly alone!!!!!!
> Did Some of the reproductions that were made based on the 1903 drawings
>   Here in Argentina one was made;and it was suered that it was exactly as
> the original one,the University of
> San Luis backed it up.
> The engines well heated,at maximuim rate,wind of 42km/h,ran  the take off
> track and at the end it fell down
> like a potato.
> I've seen the one presented to Mr.Bush??
> Nobody can build a reasonable reproduction after a 100 years????!!!!
> Martin H Afflitto Echagüe
> Merry Chrismas for all of you!!!!

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