[WWI] Re: The Ugliest Plane Ever?

Brad Gossen bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 20 13:54:20 EST 2003

  The December issue of Aeroplane Monthly has a '100 Years of Powered
Flight' feature where they polled the top ten in various catagories
including: Top 10 Eyecatching, Top 10 Record-setting, Top 10 Mirth-inducing,
Top 10 Terrifying, Top 10 Pilot-thrilling and Top 10 Ugly-looking.
   The top 10 ugliest were determined to be: 1) Gurney-Grice Mosquito, 2)
Blackburn Blackburn, 3) Albessard Aerobus, 4) Bleriot 75 Mammoth, 5) Farman
Jabiru, 6) Airspeed & GAL Night Shadowers,  7) Armstrong Whitworth Ape,  8)
Transavia Airtruk, 9) Bristol Type 92, 10) Vedo Villi.
   I had never heard of half of them but judging by the accompanying photo's
all are well deserving of the title (especially the Vedo Villi!!)
   OT, the issue reports on the grounding of the Shuttleworth (soon to be
RAF Museum) LVG C.VI  and the construction of an airworthy Sopwith Baby in


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