[WWI] WW1 Airplane Hangar

Alec E. Adamyk aadamyk at hvc.rr.com
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Rosendale is 6 hours from Buffalo on the other sideof the State (East) in
the Hudson Valley and Hudson river.
I would appreciate it if you would scan the photos.

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> Alec
>    I'm not sure where Rosendale is, but Camp Borden, Ontario is 2hrs north
> of Buffalo, just north of Toronto.  There you will find 11 (at my last
> count) of 15 original Royal Flying Corps hangars built in 1917.  They
> mostly JN4s and Avros through the war but were also home to a few SPADs,
> Camels and F2Bs in their time.  At least two of the hangars have been
> stripped of the siding applied in later coflicts and one is designated to
> restored to it's original state.  The interiors are mostly original
> including lattice-work cross beams and small multi-pane windows.  I have a
> few photo's I could scan for you if you're interested.
> Brad

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