[WWI] Fw: WW1 airplane hanger

Alec E. Adamyk aadamyk at hvc.rr.com
Fri Dec 19 14:47:47 EST 2003

Hi Lance,

Thanks for your reply, I am looking to build one for the allies as well as
one for the German side. Good information. Carlos Carreira said he had a
copy of the Scale Models article on his hard drive which he could send me. I
will also get the windsock volume.


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> Adam, you never specified what kind of hangar, but a Bessonneau, which
> served all the Allies, can be built from plans found in:
> Scale Models, September 1970
> Windsock Volume 11, Number 1
> Or a German tent hangar as appeared in Over the Front, Volume 9,
> Number3
> Lance

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