[WWI] Change of plans

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 13:36:05 EST 2003

Hi List-Landers,

Yesterday, Peter Leonard informed me that my Waldo Pepper Dr.I would not be 
eligible for the Mannock trophy in Telford. This fact doesn't bother me much 
because I didn't think I had much of a chance at it anyway. BUt it occured 
to me that one of the reasons for the Telford Invasion was to put enough WWI 
subjects on the tables to justify having the Mannock trophy. So I want to do 
my part in this endeavor and I've scrapped the plans for LOLA, and am 
sitting on the fence between Bruno Loerzer's Dr.I and Otto Esswein's Dr.I. 
I've got Bob's profiles, and I also looked up Esswein's on the Aerodrome 
Modeler CD. In addition, I also had a looksee at Hustads build of Loerzer's 
Dr.I but I'd like to see Esswein's built up before I make my decision. Has 
anyone built a model of Esswein's Dr.I from Jasta 26, and has pictures of it 
on the list site? Or if someone has built it but doesn't have pictures on 
the list site, would they mind sending me a copy/scan of the photo?

All in all, I think I've done a good job exhausting my own resources before 
I bothered the list with this. But if there's a model of Esswein's Dr.I on 
the list site, could somone be kind enough to point me at it?
Muchas Gracias Pre-emptivo....

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