[WWI] it was 100 years ago today

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I recall reading that as a condition to the Flyer's return, the Wright
estate insisted that the Smithsonian state in writing that it would never
entertain any other claims to being 'first powered flight'.


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> Here is an interesting sidelight to the Wright saga;
> Samuel Langley (of the Smithsonian Institution) was contracted to build
> an aeroplane for the army in 1898, and his prototype was eventually
> altered in 1914 to actually fly a little bit.  For this reason, the
> Museum insisted until 1942 that the Langley "Aerodrome" was the first
> successful flying machine.
> Orville Wright was so irritated that he sent his original Flyer to the
> Science Museum in London for display, refusing to let the Smithsonian
> have it.  Franklin Roosevelt secured its return in 1943, and it finally
> went on display in Washington in 1948 - 11 months after Orville died.
> This historic and semi-ot interlude brought to you courtesy of the Wall
> Street Journal...
> Lance

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