[WWI] it was 100 years ago today

Balzer Mr Gregory P wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 17 09:35:00 2003

I thought you brought two kits.  What was the Russian ot looking beauty
siting in the Aircraft section??  Was that not a Kendix assemblage as well??

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>From: "Greg Balzer" <gregbalzer@adelphia.net>
>100 years ago today...and last night my oldest daughter and I met up with
>Sanjeev and Michael at the Washington, DC IPMS meeting.  Sanjeev brought
>along his RE.8 to give us an in-progress look.  Beautiful work!!  Michael
>entered a Junkers J.1, and another expertly crafted WWI kit whose name
>escapes me right now.

Me too - I only brought the one model:).

>My oldest daughter entered her Ryan Spirit of St Louis in the Junior
>category and walked away with a blue ribbon.  She also entered the Revell
>Wright Flyer she and her sister built, and walked away with OOB Best of

You should have seen this thing.  Built OOB and all rigged nicely with 
invisble thread, I think.  A tribute to Greg's tutelage (he only helped with

advice) and his daughters' patience and skill.  It was actually a joint 
product with the older daughter (12) doing the assembly and the younger 
doing the paint job (about 10?).


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