[WWI] Another Meikraft Stash/Alb. C.III

CharlieSchaaf wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 17 01:52:00 2003

Thanks, Bob!  I have a flying model plan plus decal set which has the same

Charlie Schaaf

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The decals are incorrect as they are for an inaccurate 'pregnant' dragon on
both sides of the aircraft. The starboard side dragon should have a less
pronounced belly as well as legs, whereas the port side actually carried a
large crocodile. I illustrated both for OTF 12/2, and it can be seen on the
WWI site somewhere - I know it was there 6 years ago :-)

       Bob Pearson

>From: "CharlieSchaaf" <scitchrs@centurytel.net>

> "An Alps Dragodile decal"--are you telling me that there is something
> basically wrong about the decals in my kit?  They are for C.766/16 as the
> dragon--on only one side, and in just black and white--and C.722/16, with
> cool black and white fuselage wraparound decal.  I just looked at the
> plastic again, and it actually looks like a do-able kit.
> Charlie Schaaf