[WWI] timing and tech-knee-que

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Tue Dec 16 01:16:00 2003

Ray adds to Kens additions

>On 15 Dec 2003 at 21:29, Ken Schmitt wrote:

> Will and Peter open this can of whupass:
> >I am sure there are enough to fill the pages of a large text book. Here
> >are some of mine:
> >Will's Theorem: No matter how frantically one obtains then builds a
> >brand new release kit, someone else will have built it before you do.
> >Corollory to Will's Theorem: After completing a project involving
> >exhaustive and meticulous research, you find out your references are
> >wrong.
> >The Second Law of Silvering: The silvering of decals is entirely random,
> >regardless of precautions, technique, or manufacture.
> >and so on...
> I humbly add this:
> "and so forth"
> Photoshop can fix all of these and is yet another forum for 
> discourse, albeit a conversation of one.
> In conclusion:
> 1) It helps to drop your model just before you are finished
> 2) "I just wanna fix the one thing" is heard just before The Debacle
> 3) Heavy objects and shelving above are never to be trusted.
> 4) Don't tell anyone you are scratch-building a Nieuport 29 and most 
> interested in the area around the engine and cowl.
5) As soon as rigging is complete the first and hardest to get to spot comes loose, in fixing 
this you will work lose 2 spots then 4 then 16 till the entire aircraft has little glue spots and 
no rigging. 
6) Nieuport lower wings should never be used to hold the aircraft. Yes its true they will 
twist in your fingers faster than the eye can see, then once in the right position the aircraft 
will do one last death role and fall out of your hands. 
7) upper wing jigs work wonderfully until you accidentally knock the entire jig. This 
happens once everything has set but before it completely hardens
8) you will always close the cockpit up and then knock something loose. 
9) If you custom mix a colour, you never mix enough to finish the project and forget the 
recipe. . 
10) Landing gear struts will collapse when you put the aircraft right side up once it comes 
out of the jig. This will not only leave marks but tear off bits of fragile acrylic paint that you 
previously ran out of custom mixed colour for.