[WWI] Why do you always find out about colours after the modelis finished.

Will Hendriks wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 15 15:21:10 2003

peter leonard wrote:

> Ray, the phenomenon you have identified is known as Shane's second law. It come right after Shane's first law, the one about scratchbuilding and the susequent availability of a kit. Someone really should write them all down. How many are there now anyway?

I am sure there are enough to fill the pages of a large text book. Here
are some of mine:

Will's Theorem: No matter how frantically one obtains then builds a
brand new release kit, someone else will have built it before you do.

Corollory to Will's Theorem: After completing a project involving
exhaustive and meticulous research, you find out your references are

The Second Law of Silvering: The silvering of decals is entirely random,
regardless of precautions, technique, or manufacture.

and so on...