[WWI] Why do you always find out about colours after the model is finished.

wwi@wwi-models.org wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 15 13:07:00 2003

Arghhhhh. I just finished an ot model of a flying wing. Now said model was purported to be 
yellow on the upper surfaces and silver doped on the lower. With a yellow wraparound 
effect on the leading edge and engine naceles. Every reference I checked  said this but 
some of the pictures seemed awfully suspicious. 

But take a look at the image I found on the net. I swear there are two colours on the upper 
surfaces. The leading edge probably being yellow and the rest of the upper surfaces being 
doped silver.....  Darn why didn't I find this before I finished the model. Plus for those 
Vossites out there. Look how dark the yellow is in the second image. No wonder no one 
can say whether the imfamous cowl was yellow or green.