[WWI] Looking for my santee

Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Sat Dec 13 04:28:00 2003

Eric says:

>I am your "secret" Santa and have not yet your snail mail address nor your 
>wish list. Could you send to me at least your address please ?

It seems to me that we have one Santa looking for a Santee (Eric), and one 
Santee looking for a Santa (Ross). I wonder if the same person - Michael 
Hazen - is in fact both of the missing parties (in other words, has he left 
the list entirely?)

Maybe it's time for Diego, who holds the master list, to do a little 
detective work and if Michael is in fact the common factor. If so maybe the 
solution is to make Eric Santa to Ross.......

Or something. Anyone else missing a Santa or Santee at this late stage? Or 
is Michael there, but hiding his light.

Sorry about posting this on the normal list folks _ I'd hate to see someone 
miss out, especially Ross who was a generous Santa to me.



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