[WWI] Re: Strutz (Struts) - Strut Stock in General

Razonjim wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 12 18:22:00 2003

There've recently been a number of cogent comments on Strutz brass, and
the Contail extruded plastic, strut material.  I use both but, in
general, prefer to make my own from Bass (Lime) wood strip from the
local model railroad shop.  You can make the exact chord and thickness
needed without compromise.  It takes less than an hour to sand a foot of
Bass wood to the symmetrical streamline shape of typical struts.

On the strip size needed, mark a centerline lengthwise on both edges of
the wood as guides (I use a sharpened .3mm soft lead in a mechanical
pencil); then attack the wood with sanding sticks.  I recently made a
foot of strut stock for the Champlin Project 48th scale Snipe for
Seattle's Museum of Flight in about 40 minutes.  Wood is stronger than
plastic, easier to work with than brass and is easily colored with
stains for a natural wood look.

Jim Schubert