[WWI] What is this: Albatros?

Michael Alvarado wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 12 17:25:00 2003

EtH is right.  The upper wing pylon is very narrow in
cross section and in the photo is hidden by the RPM
guage which is attached to the end of the pylon facing
the pilot.

just my $.02

--- ernest thomas <reason108@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >From: Eric Gallaud <egallaud@club-internet.fr>
> >I don't think it is a Roland D II, on the Roland D
> II, the upper wing is 
> >fitted directly on the fuselage and the front side
> of the "pilot opening"
> I think you're just not seeing it. On the D.I and
> C.II, the top wing is 
> fitted to the top of the fuselage on the tangents(of
> a round-ish fuselage). 
> On the D.II, the top wing is attached to the
> fuselage, but if you look at a 
> fuselage cross-section in that area, the fuselage is
> round-ish with a low 
> pylon looking thing sticking up out of the top and
> the wing attaches to 
> that. From the angle in the photo, it does indeed
> look like the top wing 
> isn't attached to the fuselage. But I think it's
> just the  angle you're 
> seeing it from.
> E.
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