[WWI] Orion/DDS Pilots of the First World War

Pedro Soares wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 12 15:36:00 2003


from the scan they look to be quite well moulded, without flash. care to giv
your impressions regarding quality?


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Subject: [WWI] Orion/DDS Pilots of the First World War

> I found a set of the Orion pilots on eBay and they arrived today.
> http://hm.spb.ru/eng/DDS%2072003.html
> These are molded in soft, bright blue plastic.  I don't know if
> they are widely available in the US yet, but if anyone has an
> immediate need for one of these figures and I can reach you with
> a first class stamp, contact me offlist and I'll send it along.
> -K-