[WWI] Off Topic but still a biplane

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Fri Dec 12 12:31:01 2003

Sigh grumble grumble... Sheesh another model to add to my great unbuilt pile....  To keep this somewhat OT are ICM still in business and if so does this mean HMS HOOD might see the light of day.... 

remember Hood was under construction during 1917/1918 therefore its OT ;)


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From: "Bittner, Matthew E. (KTR)~U" <BITTNERM@stratcom.mil>
Date: Friday, December 12, 2003 6:00 am
Subject: [WWI] Off Topic but still a biplane

> Just wanted to let everyone know about the off topic 1/72nd ICM 
> Polikarpov I-5 (predecessor to the I-15 series).  This has to be 
> the best biplane model I have seen yet.  Sure there's a little 
> flash, but the example I have doesn't suffer from the sink-marks 
> found on their I-16 series and the wings are practically "too 
> scale".  Very thin trailing edges on everything.  The cockpit out 
> of the box is fantastic and the only thing needed are seat belts.  
> Truly a remarkable kit!
> I am hoping, though, that the Eduard SPAD XIII will prove to be 
> even better than this.  I can't wait to see one!
> BTW and FWIW, there are two versions of the ICM I-5 - "early" and 
> "late".  The primary difference being the nose and the engine (not 
> to mention the markings).
> Watch for a complete "first look" on it in January's IM.
> So, if VVS 'tweeners are your "thing", then this is the kit you 
> must have.
> Matt Bittner