[WWI] Aero Club strutz material question

Knut Erik Hagen wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 11 21:49:00 2003


All are most useful for 1/72 modeling, I use Strutz when strength is needed,
for instance when attaching floats.  
Brass is hard to work with, so I prefer the Contrail Strut/Rod/Tube sets
when strength is not that important.
You can heatstretch tubing as you do with sprue(with thin musical wire
inside to keep it from buckling) and get tubing with very thin walls.

I mainly build 1/72 with a bit of 1/48 fighters mixed in and the smallest
units from the packs are suitable, some of the units are definitely for
larger scale models.

Knut Erik

>   I have been thinking about purchasing some of Aero club's Strutz
material along with there Contrail Strut and Rod sets. I am wanting to know
if they are designed to be used in 1/72 scale, if not is there any thing
that can be used in 1/72 scale to replace a kits stock struts?
>Matthew Greer.